Sunday, October 31, 2010


My mind is returning to me
As I laid on the ground tonight
And gazed at the stars
Something washed over me
And gave me my peace.

For over a week
My mind was running free
Landing in one place
And jumping to another

Like watching the leaves
Fall from a tree
I was watching my thoughts
Fall from my mind

Chaotically beautiful
It's all I could watch
Now that it's over
It's time to clean up

Not long ago
These thoughts were out of my reach
Now on the ground
Their mine to pick up

Beautiful colors
Beautiful shapes
Some fell together
But all are unique

Some have been damaged
By storms of the past
It no longer matters
'Cause they're within my grasp

Just as the trees
My mind now has room
The reason for the fall
Is for new life to bloom

The harvesting is done
I've reaped what I sowed
I find comfort for the winter
So in the spring I awaken

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