Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't Move...

I stood by the water, ready to leave my sacred space
And follow my path through the forest.

"Don't move..."

Something inside me fluttered.
I stood...transfixed..
My world was going blank..
My senses were failing me.
My eyes closed..I could no longer see.
My body froze..I could no longer feel.
My mouth went dry..I could no longer taste.
The forest went silent..I could hear nothing.
I stopped breathing..I could no longer smell.

Then a warm island breeze brushed my face.
It began to thaw the forgotten corners of my heart.
The intoxicating aroma of Autumn Jasmine enticed me to breathe again.
And it reminded me what it is to live.
The soft petals whispered across my lips
Leaving behind the sweetest nectar for me to taste.
The birds were singing again, the waves splashing peacefully.
A celebration of all of life's joys around me.
Finally, I opened my eyes...
And saw my beautiful sunrise.

My senses were reborn...

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