Friday, October 29, 2010

More life

So I've been rather isolated today.
I haven't talked to anyone.
I returned no messages.
I'm not in a bad mood though.
Just in a place where I need less distractions.

Now as I say that
I'm hanging up the phone.
I was talking to someone truly special to me.
I needed that phone call.
And she is one of only about three people I would've answered for right now.

I feel more myself now.
Not entirely, but more-so.
But I'm still ironing myself out.
Maybe it's time for me to start pulling myself back together.

Like my blog title suggests..
I'm like a nebula...
A bunch of random particles and thoughts
Until something pulls it all together..
To create a brilliant star.

So maybe it's time.
I'll let that idea sit for a day or so.
Then perhaps I'll reel myself in
And jump back on my path.

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