Monday, August 16, 2010


I know it's been awhile since I've written anything...again...but I'm falling asleep at my computer and somehow decided that now is a good time to write a blog. All I really want to mention is how scared I am.

This girl Geena came over last night and we spent the day together today. We've been seeing each other as often as we can..which is once a week, usually. She's young..20 actually. She's beautiful...very beautiful. She makes me feel like I'm capable of anything. She makes me a better man than I already am. She's shaping up to be a really great woman for me. We've been taking things slowly..which I think is good.

So why am I scared? Because I don't want another broken heart. I've been trying so hard to keep myself in check and not fall for this girl..but it's so hard. Everytime we're together I find myself slipping a little more. I'm afraid that I'm falling faster than she is.

If I were more awake..I'd write so much more..but my eyes are fighting with me.