Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The past couple days have had so many ups and downs..overall, just weird days.
My imagination has been running rampant
The people around me are all being crazy or weird as well
The weather has been dreary
Just not the best couple of days.

Let's start things off with the negative so that we can end on a good note...
I got an email from my new friend that just left me feeling like I was being hung out to dry almost. I didn't really respond to her because I want to give her my kind of response..which means I need to be with her. I'm not responding in a negative way at all. She might actually really like it, but in any case, it must wait til she comes here on Saturday. Good things already came from this, so I don't want to really complain about it...though she was really quiet today. I hardly heard from her at all.

So today my ex pissed me off. I haven't really been talking to her, but lately decided that I could be nice and talk to her a bit. Well, that didn't pay off. Her true colors came shining through once more and I decided that she can no longer be in my life whatsoever.

On the other the beginning of my shift at work today, I was told that a certain patient would not come out of her room and wouldn't talk with anyone. Naturally, I thought to myself "This is my specialty" and walked straight to her room..poked my head in and introduced myself with a gentle smile and hand on her shoulder. I kept checking in on her and finally asked her to walk around with me a bit..she hesitated, then stood up and walked with me. I got her to talk to me about her issues, her hobbies, and some hopes. Later I checked in on her again and gave her some words of encouragement..she asked when I was coming back and I told her not til Thursday. She looked at me with sad eyes, stood up and hugged me. We're not supposed to hug patients, but sometimes rules should be broken...


So..let's have a good day.
say lot's of hellos and how are you's
give lot's of hugs and smiles
send up some special prayers
and show your love.

There may be plenty on my mind
but I won't forget what's important

Be brave and kind Brian.

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