Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Only One

Within the mix at a family party
I gazed around and easily realized
I am the odd man out now
I'm the only one
Standing alone.

It makes me sad sometimes
I'm a good guy
Who would make a woman
Extremely happy.
I'm loyal
I'm kind
I'm passionate
I'm intelligent
I'm confident
And I'll be an amazing father...
  I'm the only one
  Standing alone.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Island of Paradise

I used to see a light in your eyes
When you looked at me.
Though your eyes may still be bright
The light that I sparked is gone.

We were never more than friends
    When seen through your eyes.
Perhaps you were right to believe that
    Maybe that's all we ever were.

A future together may have been hard
Or it could've been amazing
We're at the point now
That we'll never find out.

That ship has sailed
We were marooned on that island.
It may not be what I wanted
But it's where I was left.

I can signal for the ship
And wear a disguise,
Or I can turn this piece of land
Into an island of paradise.