Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unfinished business

As my mind continues to wander
It stumbled upon death.
Difficult questions arose
Difficult answers were glimpsed.

Am I happy with my life?
Yes...and a big no.
I'm proud of who I am
But there's still so much to say
And so much to do.

Does everyone really know
How much I love them?
Did I show it enough?
Did I say it enough?
Did I say it at all?

Did I hear what others had to say?
Did I hold them close to my heart?
Did I help them in some odd way?
Or did I miss my chance to do all this
And make a difference in their life?

There are things I must do
There are things I must say


I need to rewrite my letters.
There's a lot I need to add to several people's letters.
Maybe it's strange that I have these letters.
But it's all I can do right now to make sure certain people in my life know how I truly feel about them and the relationship we shared.
I'll work on that this week.

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