Monday, October 25, 2010

A chaotic mind - and My Love

My eyes are screaming
My head is aching
I want to sleep
But my mind can't rest.

It's been roaming aimlessly
From relationships to money
To careers to apartments
It's not focused.

So I write
And hope for some clarity
Though so far
It's just more of the same.

My mind works wonders
When I'm able to focus it
It's been hard to do
For several months now.

I know how to fix it
But why don't I do it?
It's like I want to fall on my face
Just to show I can get up.

But I want to move forward
That time has come
Now to find the motivation
From within...not without.


My Love

It's been a long time
Since I've shared my love.
I have a lot to give
Just no place to put it.

I've seen glimmers of hope
That last a small while
But even then
I knew it'd never last.

I'm a nice guy
And we finish last.
I'm every woman's wish,
But no woman's desire.

I remember a vow
I made to God
Many years ago
In a very dark hour.

I told Him I'd stay single
For my entire life
So I can finish my promise
If that's what He wanted.

Though I meant what I said
I thought He'd still give me
A woman to walk with
And share our love.

I can't be angry
I can't be sad
I'll just keep working
On the promise I made.

My love will be felt
In the work that I do
And I'll be rewarded
When I return home.

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