Saturday, October 30, 2010


He gave me darkness so I would learn to feel.
I will trust my inner guide.

He gave me betrayal so I would learn to forgive.
I will let go.

He gave me death so I would learn to live.
I will live my life fully.

He gave me loneliness so I would find myself.
I will always be true to who I am.

He gave me pain so I would learn to heal.
I will help others at all times.

He gave me fear so I would learn to be brave.
I will take chances.

Thank you for giving me these lessons.
You have sculpted me into a great man.
I will bring passion back into my life now.
I will embrace others and let them know me.
If at some point You give me the blessing of a family,
I will care for them as You have cared for me.

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