Sunday, February 27, 2011

The cruelty of life

I was finally sure of something
Of someone..
Everything fit so perfectly
It all made sense

I could see so much happiness
So much joy..
A passion of life would be built
Life would be made

Even when I spoke to God
He said yes..
Everything told me it was right
Except one thing

The very subject of this passage
Of my love..
Could not see the same things
And I'm left alone

Thursday, February 24, 2011

For my friend

I love you
No matter what
No matter what is done
No matter what is said

I love you

Broken pieces

Staring at the night sky
Glittering above me
Like a million pieces of glass
Shining in the moonlight

I admire the beauty
That chaos can have
And I think of the pieces
Scattered inside me

Maybe someone far off
Can look at my heart
And see some kind of beauty
In the scattered chaos within me

A feeling inside me
Like when you miss a step
Erupted within me
Because of a friend

It started because of me
So I'll take the blame
The anger, hurt and abandonment
Are all mine to feel

I'll pick up the pieces myself
And bury them out of sight
So you don't have to deal with them
And we can still be friends


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enya - (1988) Watermark - 02 Cursum Perficio

The theme song to my mind lately
The "eternal journey" as the last word of the song suggests

Push play on this song
Close your eyes
Envision the intensity
Feel the passion
Sense the struggles
See the journey
Embrace the fear
Reject reality
Enter my world
Of "Iternum"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The broken dam

As I walked through fields
And hiked over mountains
I came across a scene
Unlike any other

I wanted to go there
But a river blocked the way
So I took in the beauty
Of the tantalizing land

The sun was setting
And I must be on my way
As the land grew darker
My light would guide me along

The land across the river
Was still in my mind
But I accepted its distance
And followed my light

I walked through the night
And soon the sun was rising
I felt happy as could be
Until I looked straight ahead

My path ahead was blocked
And I looked to my right
I nearly crossed the river
By walking across a dam

The drop to my left was far
Not a jump I'd attempt
I turn to head back
And the ground beneath me shook

I fall to my knees
My hands reaching for balance
I hear a sudden shatter
And my heart plummets with fear

The dam is breaking beneath me
And I look for my options
I won't make it back to shore
And the path ahead is still blocked

How did I make it so far
And never realize where I was going
I close my eyes and brace for the fall
Tears begging to fall like the water on the dam

The fall will hurt
But I know I'll survive
My light never failed me
So it's here I belong

When the dam breaks
And the river washes me ashore
I'll dry myself off
And begin to explore

I may find myself somewhere
I wished I would be
It doesn't really matter
Cause love will find me.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The unmailed letter

An old man had been cleaning his closet
Moving to another place
Deciding what to keep
And what to leave

He came across a box he always treasured
His sorting had been paused
As he stood there holding the box
Eyes wide with the flood of memories

Slowly lifting the lid
He sank onto his bed
Staring at the contents
His eyes start to tear

Movie tickets from films long forgotten
Receipts from dinners he could taste again
Pictures of best friends in timeless laughter
And a letter in an envelope
               Never mailed

The man reached in the box
His shaking hand in disbelief
Pulling out the envelope
He drops the rest

There's no need to open it
He could still recite the words
But the questions rose inside him
Like little daggers to his heart

Would things be different
If he had the courage to send it?
Would that love have blossomed?
Would it have made a difference?

He looked around his room
With a sudden emptiness
Nothing there would comfort him
It was his one regret

He had acheived a great deal
And had a lot to show
He'd give up it all to go back in time
And send the letter she had never known.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crimson words

The crimson words you read tonight
Are written with the blood of my wounds
      Both old and new

My travels brought me many places
And they've shown me many faces
      I embraced them all

A scar from a burn that took years to heal
Given to me when I fell upon the heat of fire
      I was never supposed to see

Cuts upon my feet I still feel when the ground is hard
Given to me when running in the night
      And stepping on broken glass

Burns upon my palms keeping me from handing over gifts
Given to me when I was lured into a trap
      And held burning metal

Cuts upon my body after climbing a beautiful mountain
Given to me when it turned to ice and I slid backwards
      The blades of crystalized grass cutting as I passed

The blood I shed through my travels
Will write my story and paint my portrait
      And it will end in beauty

I do not fear the pain, blood, or tears
My destination will repay me all that's lost
      And I will be embraced

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My birthday has been over for nearly half an hour now.
I had lunch with someone new.
I wasn't sure what to expect,
but we ate our lunch and instead of moving on to something else,
We sat there for another four hours..
just talking
telling stories
asking questions
truly enjoying ourselves.