Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I don't have much to write tonight.
I'm feeling love in me, and around me.
That keeps me happy.
Knowing that people love me brings my life to whole new level.
I feel it coming from around the world.
From people in Australia..India..California..Georgia..Canada..Florida...
Just all over..
It's great getting emails and texts from these people telling me they love me..
They miss me..
They send me good energy and warm thoughts.

I can't describe what these small things mean to me.
Sometimes I go through times when I wish people would send these small tokens of love more often..
but really..
I appreciate anything like this, as often as it comes...
or as seldom.

Sometimes I worry about sending my love to others..
I love strongly and deeply..
But sometimes people misread that as me being in love with them..
And then they distance themselves..
Fearing that they will hurt me.

There are only a few people I'm completely open with regarding my love..
Kelly, Veronica, Ingrid, and Nichelle.
They understand my love.
And they share the same love with me..
Those four ladies...
I love them so deeply..
I'd do anything for them.

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