Friday, October 29, 2010

Getting crazier

I wanted to be creative tonight
I wanted to do something special
But my mind is in overdrive
It won't stop tonight.

This is starting to get to me.
I'm not sleeping much.
My mind is starting to make me hurt.
It's playing games with me.
I don't like it tonight.

It's jumping from one thing to the next
But tonight it's negative
Even the things that make me happy
Like certain people, or things I have planned,
Even those are being warped into something negative.

A mind like this is dangerous
But something is still telling me to let it go
It's leading me somewhere
Or so I'm told.

Just get there quick
Cause I can't take much more.
It's effecting my body and emotions
And soon it'll effect the ones I love.

I can't have that.
Just take me where I need to go
So I can give my mind a rest

I could really use someone next to me right now
Maybe I'll get a random text to distract my mind
Maybe I'll get set on the right path tomorrow

I need to be touched..
and I need to touch..
Something inside me is burning
And I'm just watching it burn.

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