Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unfocused motivation

What do you do with motivation
When you're distracted and unfocused?

I have a world of motivation right now
But my mind won't stay on track.
I jump from my business,
To photography, school, friends,
And everything else.

I feel an emptiness inside.
A void that needs something to fill it.
Sometimes, all I want is the closeness of a woman,
Someone to hold.
Other times it's my own spirituality that feels empty,
Or the energy within me
And sometimes I just feel the need to be creative,
Or explore the world,
Or learn something new.
Sometimes I crave a physical outlet
A temporary moment when nothing else exists

Sometimes all I want to do is run away
And hope that I run somewhere that gives me direction
And focus...
Because even in my own bed
I feel like I'm no longer home.
This place no longer feels like my own space.
I'm a stranger surrounded by familiar things.

So I have all these factors pulling my mind,
Stretching my motivation,
Until it breaks.

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