Sunday, May 15, 2011

Internal smoke

For several months
My heart has struggled
It's been lifted
It's been dropped

It's been shaken
It's been held
It's been thrown
It's been caught

All these things
Has left my heart
Clouded by smoke
As it tries to find its way

The drive I feel
For starting a family
Is insanely intense
And it's taking a toll

In just one month
I'll be the only man
Within my family
To not be married

I offer so much
As far as what's important
But I'm told that's not enough
And I still stand and sleep alone

It's getting hard to resist
The love that was offered
Even knowing it'd be hard
To make it last

But I'm aging
And I'm not promised tomorrow
So I may have to offer my heart
To a woman willing to take it.

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