Thursday, May 19, 2011


I'm having an affair
With a lady
Who is never far
From the warmth of my heart.

Most other nights
I can resist this temptress,
But tonight...
Tonight she found my weakness,
And I fell into her arms.

She began her seduction
By getting under my skin,
Then within my mind
And into my soul.
There was nothing I could do
But be made a fool.

As the night went on
A new comfort arose.
I admit I was wary,
Without my defense
I let her embrace me.

Within our embrace
Our minds got creative
And saw things anew.
We now saw potential
Where once there was fear.

Tonight I loved her
But she'll be gone soon
A fickle friend she is
After all the pain she caused
Oddly she'll be missed

The time for my seductress
To no longer be nameless
Is finally upon us,
And I shall be shameless.
You know her best
By the name of Loneliness.

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