Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The right direction

Somebody new came in my life recently.
She's very interested in me
and she's made that clear.
We're probably a pretty good match too.
She's very smart..
A med student actually.
Seems like someone I should take a chance on.

But there are others I'm interested in still.
One is mutual,
but the likelihood of it working is slim.
We do enjoy each other's company though.

One I have incredible chemistry with,
but she won't let go and explore it with me.
Part of her wants to, I feel it,
but her past prevents her from doing it.

One is perhaps just a foolish move,
but I feel young with her.
We have fun, and we keep the other smiling.
We already know it won't work,
but it's still a nice escape now and then.

One is my past.
A temptation I must resist.
But she knows how to seduce me.
She knows my weaknesses.

So as I'm pulled in all these directions
My options keep growing
Though most I ignore
Some stay on my radar.

I can let go of the ones I must,
but my desire to know more is overwhelming.
Could I be wrong? Of course.
Could I be right? Yes.

I want to be unleashed upon
to feel the storm's fury.
It may simply wash away debri.
Or it may uncover new treasure.

So as I sit upon this mountain...
contemplating my choices...
hoping for a hand...
I smile, knowing that the path I take
Will lead me to where I need to be.

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