Saturday, December 11, 2010

My dear friend, Nichelle

I've been thinking about Nichelle a lot lately.
I wish she wasn't such a busy person
Cause I could really use her energy around me right now.
She was always able to reach me on another level.
Not with the things she would say
But simply by being in her presence.

Sometimes we'll go awhile without talking much,
But it never matters when we do decide to pick it back up.
It's always felt natural with Nichelle.
Nothing seems to shake our friendship.

She challenges me intellectually..
Something that very few people do.
She can make my mind go places
And discover things
That were unattainable beforehand.

I love her dearly
We shared a lot over the years
And we always seem to find more to share.
A truly wonderful and amazing friendship.

Love you, Nichelle!

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