Sunday, December 5, 2010

Late night rambling

I lost my way today
Though I'm starting to see more clearly
It was a really hard day
Disappointment and aggravation smothered me.

I couldn't shake my mood at all
Didn't even want to call Jasmine or Ingrid or Kelly
I don't like people seeing this side of me
Which, I suppose, is why I'm here writing
And hoping this will be enough to erase these feelings.

As I sit here on my floor writing
I received some messages
From two women from my (not so distant) past
They both make me happy

I'm glad they still talk to me
Cause I think I hurt them both a bit
When I told them I started dating someone else
All those months ago
...A poor decision indeed.

Live and learn, Brian
Experience all aspects
And you'll fulfill your life
And leave no questions

Hmm..."leave no questions"
That gives me an idea for another post..
But not tonight...I need more than four hours sleep tonight

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