Thursday, December 9, 2010


So far, today is better.
I went to bed late last night
But slept well and long
I heard my phone beeping this morning
But ignored it
Until I heard the sunshine.

I smiled to myself
And rolled over to reach for my phone
The voice on the other end
Was one that nearly always makes me smile

Then I read the messages I ignored.
I smiled more.
I feel loved today.
Some of my friends truly know
What it is to be a friend.

There are days, like yesterday
When I feel more love from my patients
Than I do from my friends and family.
But it's not a bad thing...
I don't expect my friends
To always give me attention and love

I'm happy.
I look to the future
And see good things coming my way.

I feel changes coming.
This is good.

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