Sunday, January 10, 2010

What am I doing?

Why would I write my thoughts on the internet where anyone can read them? I value my privacy so much...why would I do this?

Will I really be honest about what I write if I think someone I know will read them? Do I care?

I have no goals in writing a blog. It's absolutely whatever random thought happens to be on my mind when I'm at my desk writing.

However, I do promise myself to be honest. If someone reads a post and sees that it's about them, then so be it. I'm not hiding anything here. Besides, how can you ever be mad at someone for having thoughts? What I do with these thoughts is a different story, but while they are only thoughts written in some random place in this digital one can judge them as wrong. We may disagree, but neither of us will be wrong.

Hmm...maybe I'll post some of my photography here as well. Just randomly pick a shot that I happen to like and post it...maybe tell a little story about how it came to be..maybe just put it up with no explanation.

We'll see where this goes...

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