Thursday, November 4, 2010


Life brings us to places
We can't truly appreciate..
Or even see
Until we climb the mountain before us
And look back over the valley behind us.

We think we know
Where we are
Or even where we're going
Until we stop looking at the map
And open our eyes to what's around us.

We think we know
Who we are
Or who we hope to become
Until someone enters our lives
And changes the way we feel about life.

We believe we're happy
With our lives
And with what we have in our lives
Until we're shown what it can be
And the possibilities that are all but within our grasp.

We're forced to wait
For the things we truly want
With no guarantee that it will ever be ours
But we still wait
Because we believe it's worth it

Life gives us a taste
Of the best things in the universe
Just so we know we lived
Even if we never taste it again
We'll still know what life truly means.

It all comes together
By the time we die
Whether it's tomorrow or decades from now
Just so we can die happy
And know we lived life to the fullest.

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