Sunday, September 12, 2010

Opening doors

Last night was a breath of fresh air.
I've been feeling closed in...forgotten.
But spending the evening with Jaz opened the doors for me again.
We had wine..good wine..and talked about life, love, heartbreak, sex, name it, we talked about it.

It was like being with a lifelong friend.
With the exception of Kelly, Ingrid and Nichelle, I have never been that comfortable with someone.
When we were out, people probably thought we were a couple because of how close we were..
but who cares?

Her free spirit was intoxicating me.
It made me want to live...really live.
Her hugs are amazing! She doesn't just feel her emotions when she hugs..I love her for that.

She was fascinated with my chivalry, especially with it not being a date.
But that's me.
I respect women far too much to just let chivalry die.
Maybe I am a rare kind of guy...

But whatever..I'm happy today. Thanks to her for making me feel special again.

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