Saturday, September 17, 2011

What to Wear

We're going out tonight
Dinner and a show
You ask what should you wear
I say "I don't know"

I get up and follow
As you sigh and walk away
You stand in your closet
I stand in the doorway

You toss a dress to the bed
Another falls to the floor
I smile as I catch your hand
And ask "What are you looking for?"

I pull you closer
And whisper in your ear
I thought about it
I know what you should wear

Just brush your hand through your hair
Like when you get nervous
It reminds me of our first date
And how kissing you took all my courage

I want you to wear those eyes
The dark ones that warm my heart
They look beautiful in any light
Like a true work of art

And could you wear that smile
The one that lights up the room
It would accent your eyes
Like the sun lights the moon

And I'd like you to bring your touch
The one that holds my hand
And erases all my worries
And make it tender, if you can

Of course you'd have to bring your voice
Bring the soft one and the firm one
They go together perfectly
Like a duet beautifully sung

And if you would bring along your heart
So that I can hold it for you,
I'll protect it with my life
And love it like only I can do.

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