Friday, April 1, 2011

The Oasis

A man
Traveling the world
Found himself wandering
Through desert sands

He learned to survive
By being still in the heat
And moving
In the cool air of night

He adapted to this life
And even found happiness in it
Finding water in unusual places
And shelter where there was none

Walking one night
He smelled something in the air
It drew him in
And guided him east

He found paradise
An oasis of unparalleled beauty
It held everything he dreamed of
And it quenched a thirst he didn't know he had

As the sun rose
His love rose with it
New colors erupted from the horizon
His life was renewed

Every now and then
A goddess emerged at night
Rising from the water
To fill the only empty space within him

But she wasn't completely there
And she had to leave with the rise of the sun
There were signs that she would stay one day
And they would stay strong in their embrace

He wanted to stay here
In this perfect embrace
But he didn't know how long it would be
Until she would be able to stay

Then a message came for him
A rescuer was coming to take him away
He didn't know where this would be
But he knew he would have company

He could turn them away
So he could have his occassional embrace
With the possibility of his goddess
Becoming real and true forever

He needed more time to decide
He needed another night in her embrace
He would be giving up so much
If he was to be taken away.

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