Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last Embrace

**The song above was playing as I wrote**

She came
In the dead of night
To tell him
And show him
She loved him

He stared
Not believing his eyes
She was there
Walking toward him
Sliding her arms around his neck

The moon
Was all the light they had
The only witness
Of the last embrace
They could have

Sang them a love song
As their lips met
With no words
And their passion rose

Their love
Was deep and true
But it wasn't enough
This was the last of its kind
They both knew

They made love
On a blanket of grass
The heat between them
Igniting the heavens above
With stars joining the moon

His eyes
Were afraid to open
He didn't want to see her go
He could stay in this dream forever
And make the last embrace..endless

The sun
Soon forced his eyes to open
He lay there in disbelief
As he found himself staring
At the ceiling of his room

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