Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The unmailed letter

An old man had been cleaning his closet
Moving to another place
Deciding what to keep
And what to leave

He came across a box he always treasured
His sorting had been paused
As he stood there holding the box
Eyes wide with the flood of memories

Slowly lifting the lid
He sank onto his bed
Staring at the contents
His eyes start to tear

Movie tickets from films long forgotten
Receipts from dinners he could taste again
Pictures of best friends in timeless laughter
And a letter in an envelope
               Never mailed

The man reached in the box
His shaking hand in disbelief
Pulling out the envelope
He drops the rest

There's no need to open it
He could still recite the words
But the questions rose inside him
Like little daggers to his heart

Would things be different
If he had the courage to send it?
Would that love have blossomed?
Would it have made a difference?

He looked around his room
With a sudden emptiness
Nothing there would comfort him
It was his one regret

He had acheived a great deal
And had a lot to show
He'd give up it all to go back in time
And send the letter she had never known.

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