Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The broken dam

As I walked through fields
And hiked over mountains
I came across a scene
Unlike any other

I wanted to go there
But a river blocked the way
So I took in the beauty
Of the tantalizing land

The sun was setting
And I must be on my way
As the land grew darker
My light would guide me along

The land across the river
Was still in my mind
But I accepted its distance
And followed my light

I walked through the night
And soon the sun was rising
I felt happy as could be
Until I looked straight ahead

My path ahead was blocked
And I looked to my right
I nearly crossed the river
By walking across a dam

The drop to my left was far
Not a jump I'd attempt
I turn to head back
And the ground beneath me shook

I fall to my knees
My hands reaching for balance
I hear a sudden shatter
And my heart plummets with fear

The dam is breaking beneath me
And I look for my options
I won't make it back to shore
And the path ahead is still blocked

How did I make it so far
And never realize where I was going
I close my eyes and brace for the fall
Tears begging to fall like the water on the dam

The fall will hurt
But I know I'll survive
My light never failed me
So it's here I belong

When the dam breaks
And the river washes me ashore
I'll dry myself off
And begin to explore

I may find myself somewhere
I wished I would be
It doesn't really matter
Cause love will find me.

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