Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crimson words

The crimson words you read tonight
Are written with the blood of my wounds
      Both old and new

My travels brought me many places
And they've shown me many faces
      I embraced them all

A scar from a burn that took years to heal
Given to me when I fell upon the heat of fire
      I was never supposed to see

Cuts upon my feet I still feel when the ground is hard
Given to me when running in the night
      And stepping on broken glass

Burns upon my palms keeping me from handing over gifts
Given to me when I was lured into a trap
      And held burning metal

Cuts upon my body after climbing a beautiful mountain
Given to me when it turned to ice and I slid backwards
      The blades of crystalized grass cutting as I passed

The blood I shed through my travels
Will write my story and paint my portrait
      And it will end in beauty

I do not fear the pain, blood, or tears
My destination will repay me all that's lost
      And I will be embraced

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