Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Flashback

The highlights:

  My cousin, Devin...remembered.
  Two friends, Chris and Danielle...remembered.

  Lilli joins Emma and Sara in my brother's family
  Tori joins Kayla in my sister's family
  My aunt battles cancer...and wins
  Danielle's mother brushes elbows with death...and comes out alive.
  Jasmine, a new best friend and a dynamic new relationship
  Ingrid, marries a great man, Chady, and I was thrilled to be there
  Nichelle, and more ups and downs between us, but we always end up better than before
  Kelly, still doing well and still a huge part of my life
  Alicia, a new addition with intrigue
  Andy, one of the great men in this world, and I'm lucky enough to call him a dear friend
  Julian, my comic relief in life and a very good friend
  Kia, love glad she came into my life
  Susanna, she's made my commute one of the best parts of my day

The Complications..

  I spoke at a convention in Princeton, but still haven't put my effort into my private practice (this will change in the coming year)
  I grew comfortable at I put in for a new position last week which will open up much more time to pursue photography and my hypnosis practice.

  It was a good year..
  Not the best, but good.
  It felt more like a building year.
  So I look forward to 2011.

  I was hurt by unexpected people.
  I was held by unexpected people.
  I felt an energy I've never felt before.
  I faced challenges, and came out on top.

  Big plans and big goals will be achieved
  Because of the seeds planted in 2010.

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