Friday, January 21, 2011

Another difficult choice

As sure as I was
(and still am)
About the choices
I've been making..

Some of the choices I made
Have been taken away from me
Before they could even come to be.

So I'm left looking around
At what I have left
And the possibilities
Of the choices still around me.

Though as I explored a choice tonight,
I realized that I'm entering a possibility
With a choice which has a deep impact on my life.

It's a decision I can't take lightly
One that I must say yes to
Because of the man I am.

But it's also a decision
I must say no to
Because of the beliefs I have.

This will undoubtedly be
The toughest decision of all.

What I'd give for my earlier choice
To return itself to me
And save me from the decision to come.

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