Monday, July 18, 2011

My Unfinished Gift


Are you there?

Of course you're there...
  You're always there...
    Or here, I guess.

I only want to say a few things...
  Not to ask you to change them,
    Just to get them off my chest.

You have given me someone to love.
  I am beyond grateful for that!
But you've given them beliefs and preferences
  That prevent them from loving me back.

That sucks God.

I know I told you long ago
  That I would stay single my whole life
    If that would help me serve you.

It's becoming clearer now
  That you are holding me to that.

I shouldn't complain
  There are people who go their whole lives
    Without ever feeling a love so pure.

You've given me a gift
  And I am ashamed to point out
    That your gift seems unfinished.

Perhaps I will love someone else
  As true as I love her
    Though that seems impossible.

And perhaps someone will love her
  As true as I love her
    Though that, too, seems impossible.

I love that she is in my life
  Even if it's just as friends

    Cause she's still
    The greatest gift
    You've ever given me.

And when my body dies
  I will come to see you
    And give you the greatest hug

        For the unfinished gift
        That was far greater
        Than any fully-finished gift
        Any man could possibly receive.

I know I seem unappreciative now,
  But I know a gift from God when I see one.
    And I feel your presence
      Every time she's near me.

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