Thursday, October 20, 2011

Traveling On

I have been walking down
A self destructive path
Fueled by the fire of others

I caught myself
I saw where I was heading
Now, I believe
I corrected my direction

I still feel the hurt and anger
That reached deep within me
But I'm repairing that now

I miss my conversations with God
Those moments set aside every night
To quiet my mind
Quiet my soul
And listen to the silence

I hardly remember the last time
I silenced myself to that point
But I need to do it again
And often

I was upset with God
I felt betrayed
I felt lied to
Or maybe that He gave me
A destination I cannot reach

I guess I still feel that way
I still believe in it
I'm just prevented from proving it

I'll repair the wounds
And get my bearings
Then travel on

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