Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm wondering today
What Galileo felt
When he believed the Sun was the center
With no clear way to prove it.

Though he wasn't the first to believe it
He was the one who was most adament
And most ridiculed
Eventually having to concede to the objections.

Some people supported his beliefs,
Especially those close to him,
But opposition came from the only people
Who could stop him from pursuing his beliefs.

Outwardly he promised to let go
Of his outrageous beliefs,
But he worked in secret
Trying to prove what he believed in.

When he later publicized
And defended his beliefs
Those in power found him,
"Vehemently suspect of heresy"

He was forced to recant
And spent the rest of his life
Under house arrest,
Inwardly, still believing he was right.

It was then outlawed
To publish anything he wrote,
But he continued to write in secret,
Never knowing if it would ever be read.

While under house arrest
He became blind.
Ironic, given that he was able to see
So much more than his persecutors.

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